Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament

Final Update

On Sept. 16, 1950, Stanislaus and Genevieve Stelmach, along with their young son Thaddeus, immigrants from Poland, spent their first night at their new home at Maple Mount. Mrs. Stelmach now lives in Saint Joseph Villa, and this week her grandson, Andrew Stelmach, son of her youngest son Mike and his wife Charlotte, won the Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament.

The Connecticut victory Monday meant no one gained any points, and the final standings are below. Andrew wins $21 and Orville Bray wins $7 for coming in second. Mike Stelmach tied for seventh, and will feel the sting of losing to his kid all year.

Thanks to everyone for another fun tournament.


1.  Andrew Stelmach       98

2.  Orville Bray                87

3.  Marian Bennett           84

4.  Sister Elaine               81

5.  Sister Jane Miriam     80

6.  Dan Heckel                 71

7.   Jennifer Kaminski      70

7.   Mike Stelmach           70

7.   April Ray                    70

10. Bryan Dant                 67

11. Sherry Newton            65

12. Sister Amelia              62

12. Kim Gunterman          62

14. Cyndi Madi                 53


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