Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament

Updated March 21, 2014

We have 14 participants in this year’s NCAA tourney at Maple Mount, meaning the winner will pocket $21 and second place will get $7. In a year when the Southeastern Conference got only three teams in the tournament, two SEC teams were the most picked to win it all.

Seven people picked top-seeded Florida to bring home the prize, while three others chose the “wishing will make it so” approach of taking 8th seeded Kentucky, including last year’s winner Orville Bray. Sister Amelia Stenger and Marian Bennett, who finished second last year, each picked Arizona as the champion, while Sister Elaine Burke is predicting a repeat for Louisville. Dan Heckel is the only person to pick Michigan State to bring home the big prize.

Victories the first two days count for one point, then with each round the points double. Saturday and Sunday games are worth two points, third round games four points, the semi-final round is worth eight, picking a Final Four game right is worth 16 and picking the champion is 32 points.

After Day One, Jennifer Kaminski is leading the pack, going 14-2, and one of her losses was a buzzer beater by Texas knocking off Arizona State. She and Dan Heckel were the only two to correctly pick the upsets by Harvard and North Dakota State. April Ray and Mike Stelmach also picked the Harvard upset. No one picked Dayton to knock off Ohio State. Sister Jane Miriam Hancock lost a Final Four team when Oklahoma was upset.

Updates will be posted on the Around the Mount blog on the website after each round. (Go to Blogs, then Around the Mount.). Here are the standings heading into the March 21 games:

1.   Jennifer Kaminski       14

2.   Sherry Newton            13

2.   Dan Heckel                 13

4.   Sister Amelia              12

4.   Sister Elaine               12

4.   April Ray                     12

4.   Kim Gunterman          12

4.   Andrew Stelmach       12

9.   Orville Bray                 11

9.   Mike Stelmach            11

11.  Marian Bennett          10

11.  Bryan Dant                 10

13.  Sister Jane Miriam      9

13.  Cyndi Madi                  9


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