Become a Sister

Feeling that God may be calling you to the lifestyle of a Catholic Sister?


Everyone has a vocation. A vocation is a gift from God that allows us to be our best selves when it is followed. It is a free invitation from God without pressure, coercion or manipulation. God has a way of inviting that is sometimes difficult to resist. For some it is marriage, for others it is the single life, and for still others it is the ordained or religious life. Each lifestyle is a way to live out that call each of us received at baptism. It is a call to put our gifts at the service of God and others.

We are called to respond in the way that best helps us to be a holy, healthy and happy person. God only wants the best for each of us. It is our job to discover what that best is.

Each of us must listen to her heart, pray to be open to God’s unique plan, and reflect with someone who knows us well.

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If you would like to learn more about the Ursuline Sisters, contact Sister Monica Seaton at [email protected] or (270) 229-0601.

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