Archives Collections

This reference aid will provide the researcher with basic information on the documents available in the archives.

Record Group 1: History of the Ursulines Record Group 1 contains the early history of the Ursuline Order which began in 1535 in Brescia, Italy. It was founded by Angela Merici, (1474-1540) and soon spread throughout Europe and continues to flourish in all parts of the world.  

Record Group 2: Beginning History, Western Kentucky Record Group 2 documents the beginning of Mount Saint Joseph at Maple Mount, Kentucky. In 1912, the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph achieved autonomy from the Ursuline Sisters of Louisville.  

Record Group 3: Mount Saint Joseph Ursulines Record Group 3 holds the manuscripts of Saint Joseph Academy when it began in 1874, a mission from Immaculate Conception Convent, Louisville, Kentucky. This record group is mainly the records of the autonomous Mount Saint Joseph Community from 1912 to the present.  

Record Group 4: Membership Listings Record Group 4 includes membership, superiors, dates of entrance into the novitiate, Investment and Profession Classes, Feast Days, and Recreation Days. Also included are the yearly Mission Lists from 1905 to the present.  

Record Group 5: Formation Record Group 5 documents the beginning of our Novitiate in 1895 and continues to the present. It lists those who were admitted to Postulancy, those received into the Novitiate and those who were professed into the Order.  

Record Group 6: Governance and Government Structure Record Group 6 contains a complete list of Superiors, appointed and elected, from the beginning of the institution. The records concern the General Administration of Mount Saint Joseph Motherhouse from 1912 to the present.  

Record Group 7: Chapters and General Assemblies Record Group 7 begins with correspondence in the 1960’s concerned with the General Chapters of Election and Chapters of Affairs which began in 1963. It follows through with the subsequent Chapters and Chapter committees.  

Record Group 8: Finances Record Group 8 contains the financial records of the Community and its owned and operated facilities.  

Record Group 9: Local Governance Record Group 9 documents the type of local government used at mission houses beginning in 1972, and the small local communities here at the Motherhouse beginning in 1979.  

Record Group 10: Community Annals Record Group 10 contains annals, which are day to day accounts of the activities of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph.

Record Group 11: Special Celebrations and Programs Record Group 11 contains the special ceremonies and liturgies of the Community since 1922.  

Record Group 12: Public Ceremonies and Functions Record Group 12 describes the various programs and ceremonies held at Mount Saint Joseph which are open to the public.  

Record Group 13: Buildings and Property Record Group 13 begins with a history of the property and buildings as recorded by one of the early members of the Community. It includes the acquisition of property, a chronological record of the building program, changes in landscape, shrines, statues and other beautification projects.  

Record Group 14: Community Owned and Sponsored Institutions Record Group 14 is divided into five sections: Academy; Mount Saint Joseph Junior College; Alumnae; Brescia College; and other Convents and Schools.  

Record Group 14A: Mount Saint Joseph Junior College In this record group is general information concerning the beginning of the College in 1925 and its various programs until 1950.  

Record Group 14B: Alumnae Alumnae documents include membership and correspondence together with speakers, tributes, honors, scholarships, international affiliation, By-Laws and Constitution.  

Record Group 14C: Brescia University (formerly Brescia College) Brescia University, an extension of Mount Saint Joseph Junior College, had its beginning at Mount Saint Joseph.  

Record Group 14D: Mount Saint Joseph Retreat Center Mount Saint Joseph Center replaced Mount Saint Joseph Academy in 1983 when the Academy was discontinued. The Center offers various educational, religious, social and cultural programs.  

Record Group14E: Prayer House The Prayer House was started in 1978 in a house owned by Mount Saint Joseph on Cummings Road, and in 1983 was moved to the house in the park. This program has since been discontinued.  

Record Group 15: Apostolic Ministries Record Group 15 is divided into three subgroups:

15: Documents pertaining to education in general, school controversies and the various ministries our Community has been and is engaged in.

15A: Schools

15B: Special Apostolates

Record Group 16: Oral History Record Group 16 includes reels and/or tapes of interviews of Community members, clergy who have served our community as chaplains or in other capacities, employees, relatives, friends, benefactors, students and other interested people.  

Record Group 17: Literary Compositions of Community Members Record Group 17 contains the Dissertations/Theses of Community members as well as pamphlets, articles and books written by our Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph.  

Record Group 18: Stamp Collection (Discontinued in 1991; Collection sold) Record Group 18 consists of stamps collected by several members of our Community. There are stamps dated from 1852 to the present. Stamp Collection was sold on March 28, 1992.  

Record Group 19: Membership in Organizations Record Group 19 contains information about the various organizations in which the administrators hold membership, such as the Ursuline Superior’s Conference, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, International Union of Superiors General, and Ursuline Religious Conference.  

Record Group 20: Scrapbook Collection Record Group 20 contains scrapbooks of the Community, Academy, Alumnae, Junior College, Brescia and miscellaneous topics of religious and educational nature. 

Record Group 21: Photographs/Slides/Audio Visual Record Group 21 contains photographs of people and places connected with the Ursulines of Mount Saint Joseph: Maple Mount, Academy scenes, buildings, campus scenes, individual members and groups, missions where our Sisters have served and various events.  

Record Group 22: Yearbook Collections Record Group 22 has incomplete collections of the high school and college yearbooks in some way connected with Mount Saint Joseph.  

Record Group 23: Rare and Old Books The archives is in possession of many old/rare books used through the years by sisters, clergy, or associated people. Included are libraries of deceased clergy and sisters, Ursuline lore, Community collection (used in formation programs), foreign languages, prayer books, etc.  

Record Group 24: Miscellany Record Group 24 consists of various kinds of cards. There are picture postal cards of Mount Saint Joseph and Jubilee cards.  

Record Group 25: Office of Archives Record Group 25 contains information on the Archives and its use. 

Record Group 26: Individuals Record Group 26 is divided into several parts. Each individual folder or packet holds, in various amounts, the biographical information, personal papers, correspondence, educational pursuits, news releases and necrology of the individual.

26: Reverend Paul Joseph Volk, our founder, 1841-1919.

26A: Mother Superiors and her Councils 26B: Deceased Members

26C: Former Professed Sisters, Novices and Postulants

26D: Former Applicants

26E: Deceased Associates

26F: Archbishops and Bishops

26G: Popes

26H: Deceased Priests

  Record Group 27: Diocese/Archdiocese/Parishes In Record Group 27 are documents on the Archdiocese of Louisville, the Diocese of Owensboro, and other dioceses where our Sisters have ministered. Documents in this group concern the history of the dioceses, the various parishes, correspondence, directories, anniversary books and news releases.  

Record Group 28: Publications/Newspapers/Magazines Publications from news media in this group are pertinent to our Order in so far as they contain information about the people or places where we minister. For the most part they are a collection of newspapers and newsletters.  

Record Group 29: Research Room Materials Documents in this group are mainly on Kentucky or Kentuckians, with emphasis on Daviess County and the Owensboro area. Included are many genealogical books.  

Record Group 30: Museum The Museum is located in Saint Joseph Hall, first floor, southwest wing. The Museum Archives houses memorabilia and artifacts of our founder, first superiors, the Sisters and their relatives and friends.  

Record Group 31: Office of Mission Advancement Record Group 31 contains the records resulting from the activities of the Office of Mission Advancement, formerly Mission Advancement Ministry. Several offices operate through Mission Advancement, including Development, Partnerships (Associates and Alumnae), Mission Effectiveness and Communications.