Alumnae Memorial Mass

The last annual Alumnae Memorial Mass was Nov. 3, 2019 in the Mount Saint Joseph Chapel. The Mass offered a chance to remember all those former students and teachers from Mount Saint Joseph Academy and Mount Saint Joseph Junior College whose deaths have been reported in the previous year.

See photos from the 2019 Alumnae Memorial Mass


The following list of our deceased alumnae will be remembered during the 2019 Mass:

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord:

Class of 1931

Nancy B. Lynch

Class of 1935

Lorena Boarman

Class of 1937

Cecil K. Hill A’37

Elizabeth Cordelia Martin C’37

College Class of 1938

Margaret B. Blair

Nancy Martin

Class of 1939

Hazel Arnold A’39

Bette Davis Larimore A’39

Frances Peterson A’39

Margaret S. Shouse C’39

College Class of 1940

Alice M. Bischoff

Georgia Janicki

Class of 1942

Geraldine M. Gill A’42

Elizabeth Ann Mischel C’42

Class of 1943

Theresa Hayes Hassett C’43

Lucille Knott Hayden A’43

College Class of 1944

Cyrilla M. Goedde

Class of 1945

Sr. Mary Irene Cecil A’45

Dorothy Walz Jackson A’45

Teresa Lewis Morgan C’45

Mary E. Riney A’45

Helen Trapp A’45

Susan Marie Ward A’45

Class of 1946

Charlotte Baumgarten C’46

Paul Joseph Knott A’46

Mildred Margaret Walker C’46

College Class of 1947

Marie Laura Ellis

Class of 1948

Martin Louis Mattingly

Class of 1949

Ida Jarboe Buffat A’49

Mary Frances Mattingly Spalding Conn C’49

Mary Margaret Cundiff A ’49

Helen Bennett Downs A’49

JoAnn A. Merrick A’49

Beverly Mitchell Steele C’49

Frank Smith C’49

Rosella Cotton Whitsett A’49

College Class of 1950

Dolores Ann Mudd Thomson

Class of 1951

Kathryn Schlaug Fink A’51

Class of 1952

Cecilia (Cele) McShane Schade

Class of 1954

Martha O’Bryan Clayton

Class of 1955

Mary Helen Kennedy Moore

Class of 1958

Lola B. Fulkerson Whiteside

Class of 1960

Sister Rose Marita O’Bryan

Class of 1962

Ann Lucinda Jenkins Casper

Class of 1965

Mary Ellen Jordan


Sister Emma Cecilia Busam

Please note: This list includes deaths reported to the Alumnae Office Nov. 1, 2018 to November 1, 2019.