In an effort to empower the laity, the Ursuline Sisters created the Associate program in 1983, which unites the laity with the mission of the Ursuline Sisters.   An Associate is a person who:

wants to be affiliated with the mission and the spirit of the Ursuline community.

wants to share in the community’s goals, ideals, and challenges.

wishes to carry gospel living, as exemplified in the life of Saint Angela Merici, into his or her daily life.

Associates share prayer, celebration and hospitality with the Ursuline Community, while living their own lifestyles and spreading the spirit of Saint Angela in their workplace and environment. Associates gather every summer at Mount Saint Joseph for prayer, formation and fun with the Ursuline Sisters during Associates and Sisters Day.


We, the associates of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, proclaim the Gospel of Jesus through the actions of our everyday lives. We commit ourselves to living the charism of Saint Angela Merici in union with and in support of the Ursuline community of Mount Saint Joseph.

An Associate Prayer

Loving God, let Saint Angela never cease commending us to your kindness. By always imitating her charity and prudence, may we come to a deeper understanding of the mission of Jesus. May we always reflect his presence in our lives. Amen.

Ursuline Associates Around the World

Mount Saint Joseph Ursuline Associates are located in the United States, Chile, and Nigeria.