Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament

Updated March 24, 2014

Sunday was not a fun day as brackets were heard smashing all over the Mount. Nine of the 14 participants lost at least one Final Four team, although no one has lost a champion yet, so anything is still possible. When the dust cleared late Sunday night, Andrew Stelmach, son of Mike and Charlotte, emerged with a  12-point Sunday to tie Jennifer Kaminski for the lead. Jennifer will need to explain to her daughter – the UK student – how she picked Wichita State to oust the Cats.

We have quite a logjam, so today’s numbers may not last. No one is out of it yet, although both Sherry Newton and Kim Gunterman have lost two Final Four teams, while Sister Amelia, Orville Bray, Marian Bennett, Cyndi Madi, Andrew Stelmach, April Ray and Sister Jane Miriam have lost one Final Four team. The next round of games beginning Thursday are worth four points each. Here are the standings after the first weekend.

1.   Jennifer Kaminski      46

1.   Andrew Stelmach       46

3.   Sherry Newton           45

3.   Sister Elaine               45

5.   Dan Heckel                 43

5.   Bryan Dant                 43

7.   Kim Gunterman          42

7.   April Ray                     42

7.   Mike Stelmach            42

7.  Sister Amelia                42

11.  Marian Bennett           40

12.  Orville Bray                 39

13.  Sister Jane Miriam      36

14.  Cyndi Madi                  33


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