Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament

Updated April 7

We could all wait until the final horn sounds Monday night to determine who the winner is of the Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament … or I could just tell you now. The name is familiar even if the face isn’t, as Andrew Stelmach, son of Mike and Charlotte, will claim the $21 prize.

Since no one has Connecticut winning it, only the three people who have Kentucky winning can gain any points. And since two of those people are in first and second place already, the only thing left to be determined is the final margin of victory. Andrew leads with 98 points and last year’s winner, Orville Bray, has 87. Had Florida made it to tonight’s game, Orville would have been in first, but you just can’t trust those Gators. He’ll have to settle for $7, which he will happily take for a UK championship. The other person to pick the Cats to win is Sister Jane Miriam Hancock, who will finish in third place with a UK title.

Here are the standings heading into the final game:

Points  Possible Points

1.  Andrew Stelmach       98        130

2.  Orville Bray                 87        119

3.  Marian Bennett           84        84

4.  Sister Elaine               81        81

5.  Sister Jane Miriam     80        112

6.  Dan Heckel                 71        71

7.   Jennifer Kaminski      70        70

7.   Mike Stelmach           70        70

7.   April Ray                    70        70

10. Bryan Dant                 67        67

11. Sherry Newton            65        65

12. Sister Amelia              62        62

12. Kim Gunterman          62        62

14. Cyndi Madi                 53        53


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