Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament

Updated March 28

The first of the third-round games were much ado about nothing, causing little shift in the standings because everyone won at least two games and no one won all four (thanks Dayton.) The Friday night games will have much more say in how the tournament is going to shake out, with no game more pivotal than the Kentucky-Louisville game.

Everyone’s national champion is still alive, so everyone still has a chance. Tonight’s games are worth four points, with Saturday and Sunday’s games worth eight points.

Updates will be posted here on the Around the Mount blog. Here are the standings heading into the March 28 games:

1    Jennifer Kaminski      58

1    Andrew Stelmach       58

3.   Sherry Newton            57

3.   Sister Elaine               57

5.   Dan Heckel                 55

5.   Bryan Dant                 55

7.   Sister Amelia              54

7.   Kim Gunterman          54

7.   Mike Stelmach           54

10. April Ray                    50

11. Marian Bennett           48

12. Orville Bray                47

13. Sister Jane Miriam     44

14. Cyndi Madi                 41


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