Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament

Updated March 31

The phone rang early on the morning of March 31. It was the voice of Orville Bray asking, “Do you have any faith yet?” to the tournament organizer who scoffed at his prediction of a Kentucky-Florida championship game in which Kentucky wins it all. I believe Orville, I believe.

Since no one has picked UConn or Wisconsin to win a game the rest of the way, there are a limited number of scenarios left for who will win our tourney. And despite languishing near the bottom most of the way, if Kentucky beats Florida in the final game, Orville Bray will repeat as champion with 135 points and Andrew Stelmach will come in second with 130. The only other person to predict a Kentucky victory over Florida in the finale was Sister Jane Miriam Hancock, who would double her points and finish third with 128.

If Florida loses in the semi-finals and Kentucky beats UConn in the final, Andrew Stelmach will win with 130 points and Orville would be second with 119. If UConn beats Kentucky in the final, Andrew would win with 98 points and Orville would be second with 87.

If Florida wins it all, whether they beat Wisconsin or Kentucky, we will have a three-way tie for first between Jennifer Kaminski, April Ray and Mike Stelmach with 118 points. The tiebreaker is then how many games were correctly picked throughout the tournament, which would make one person the winner, one in second, and one out of the money. We’ll wait until next Monday to decide who that might be.

If the final game is Wisconsin vs. UConn, it doesn’t matter who wins, today’s standings would become final and Andrew Stelmach would win with 82 points. Sister Elaine Burke – the only person to predict UConn for the Final Four – would finish second with 81. She cannot earn any more points. Here are the standings after this crazy weekend:

Points  Possible Points

1.  Andrew Stelmach       82        130

2.  Sister Elaine               81        81

3.  Dan Heckel                 71        71

3.   Orville Bray                71        135

5.   Jennifer Kaminski      70        118

5.   Mike Stelmach           70        118

5.   April Ray                    70        118

8.   Marian Bennett           68        100

9.   Bryan Dant                 67        115

10. Sherry Newton            65        113

11. Sister Jane Miriam     64        128

12. Sister Amelia              62        62

12. Kim Gunterman          62        110

14. Cyndi Madi                 53        101


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