Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament Pool

The 2013 Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament Pool has 21 participants in it, meaning the winner will get $30 and second place will be worth $12.

The overwhelming favorite to win it all is Louisville, with 14 people picking the Cardinals. Three people – Lisa Harmon, Kim Gunterman and Sister Mary McDermott – picked Gonzaga as the champion, and three more picked Indiana — Sherry Newton, Mark Blandford and Andrew Stelmach, who is Mike and Charlotte’s son. If Florida wins it all, Cyndy Madi will almost certainly win, she’s the only person to pick the Gators.

Amber Jones and Sister Jane Miriam Hancock were the only two participants to pick the biggest upset of the night, Harvard over New Mexico. That helped Amber claim a tie for first place with Trista Boyle and Sherry Newton. Several people picked Oregon to upset Oklahoma State, but only Dan Heckel picked Cal over UNLV.

The Thursday and Friday games are worth 1 point each, while the Saturday and Sunday games are worth 2 points. The points double in each round thereafter, with the championship game worth 32 points. The standings will be updated over the weekend on

Here are the standings after the first day:

Points           Name

13                    Amber Jones

13                    Trista Boyle

13                    Sherry Newton

12                    Orville Bray

12                    Marian Bennett

12                    Kelly Tipton

12                    Mark Blandford

12                    Andrew Stelmach

11                    Sister Amelia

11                    Katie Risley

11                    Cyndy Madi

11                    April Ray

11                    Kim Gunterman

11                    Dan Heckel

10                    Lisa Harmon

10                    Mike Stelmach

10                    Sister Elaine

10                    Sister Mary McDermott

9                      Jennifer Kaminski

9                      Sister Jane Miriam

9                      Bryan Dant