Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament Pool

NCAA Tournament Final

NCAA Pool WinnersOrville Bray, participating in his first Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament, won the $30 and more important, the prestige of being our champion. In a shocking turn of events, Marian Bennett came out of nowhere to capture second place and $12.

Katie Risley was done in when Michigan defeated Syracuse on Saturday. I inadvertently thought Monday’s outcome would have little effect on the money winners, until I realized that Andrew Stelmach was one of the seven people who did not pick Louisville to win the title. That opened the door for Marian to squeak into second, one point ahead of Mike Stelmach and two points ahead of Trista Boyle and Bryan Dant.

Here are the final standings.

Points              Name

127                  Orville Bray

123                  Marian Bennett

122                  Mike Stelmach

121                  Trista Boyle

121                  Bryan Dant

116                  Jennifer Kaminski

113                  Katie Risley

111                  Kelly Tipton

109                  Dan Heckel

107                  April Ray

107                  Amber Jones

107                  Sister Amelia

105                  Sister Jane Miriam

104                  Sister Elaine

93                    Andrew Stelmach

76                    Mark Blandford

73                    Cyndy Madi

62                    Sister Mary McDermott

61                    Sherry Newton

57                    Lisa Harmon

53                    Kim Gunterman