Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament Pool

Friday night’s upsets threw many teams in a tizzy, and have tightened up the race already in the 2013 Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament Pool.

Five people are now tied for first, and only four points separates first place from last. Seven people were clever enough to pick Minnesota to beat UCLA, but only Sister Jane Miriam Hancock picked Florida Gulf Coast to knock off Georgetown. Amber Jones retains a share of the lead heading into Saturday’s games, but was the one person to pick Western Kentucky to knock off top seed Kansas. Oops. Kim Gunterman is the only person to pick one bracket perfectly, getting all eight games correct in the Midwest.

Four people have lost a team from their Final Fours. Katie Risley lost Notre Dame, Cyndy Madi was let down by Kansas State and Mike Stelmach and Mark Blandford were both done in by New Mexico.

Saturday and Sunday games are worth two points each. Here are the standings beginning Saturday.

Points              Name

23                    Amber Jones

23                    Trista Boyle

23                    Sherry Newton

23                    Orville Bray

23                    Dan Heckel

22                    Sister Elaine

22                    Mark Blandford

21                    Sister Jane Miriam

21                    Marian Bennett

21                    Kelly Tipton

21                    Andrew Stelmach

21                    Sister Amelia

21                    Katie Risley

21                    Cyndy Madi

21                    April Ray

21                    Kim Gunterman

21                    Lisa Harmon

20                    Mike Stelmach

20                    Sister Mary McDermott

20                    Jennifer Kaminski

19                    Bryan Dant