Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament Pool

Saturday’s upset of Gonzaga may have ended the tournament for Lisa Harmon, Sister Mary McDermott and Kim Gunterman, who each picked the Zags to go all the way. But eight other people had Gonzaga at least in the Final Four, so it will play havoc with many brackets.

The only person happy with Saturday’s games was Bryan Dant, who started the day in last but became the only person to win seven of the eight games Saturday, other than Gonzaga. That put him in a four-way tie for second with Sherry Newton, Orville Bray and Cyndy Madi. Cyndy won six games Saturday, as did Amber Jones, who took over first place all by herself.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Kim Gunterman won only one game, and Katie Risley can win no more games in the West bracket. Sunday games are worth two points each. Here are the standings beginning Sunday.

Points              Name

 35                    Amber Jones

33                    Sherry Newton

33                    Orville Bray

33                    Bryan Dant

33                    Cyndy Madi

32                    Mark Blandford

31                    Trista Boyle

31                    Kelly Tipton

31                    Sister Amelia

30                    Mike Stelmach

30                    Sister Mary McDermott

29                    Dan Heckel

29                    Marian Bennett

29                    Andrew Stelmach

29                    Katie Risley

28                    Sister Elaine

27                    Sister Jane Miriam

27                    April Ray

25                    Lisa Harmon

24                    Jennifer Kaminski

23                    Kim Gunterman