Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament Pool

Apparently, everyone forgot to rub lamb’s blood on their doorposts over the weekend because many brackets were slaughtered when Gonzaga and Georgetown went down.

Sunday’s games were a little more predictable, and as we head to the Sweet 16, Bryan Dant has resurrected his chances by winning every second round game in the Midwest and East brackets, and three out of four in the South. He’s tied for the lead with Cyndy Madi and Sherry Newton, but all three of them have a Final 4 team out of the tournament, Gonzaga for Bryan and Sherry, Kansas State for Cyndy. Mark Blandford is just a point behind, but has lost New Mexico from his Final 4. Orville Bray and Kelly Tipton are two points back, but have all four of their Final 4 teams intact. Amber Jones, who entered Sunday alone in first place, is tied for third, and has lost North Carolina as a Final 4 team.

Games resume Thursday, with those and Friday’s games worth 4 points each. Here are the standings after Sunday’s games.

Points              Name


45                    Bryan Dant

45                    Cyndy Madi

45                    Sherry Newton

44                    Mark Blandford

43                    Orville Bray

43                    Kelly Tipton

43                    Amber Jones

42                    Sister Mary McDermott

42                    Mike Stelmach

41                    Trista Boyle

41                    Andrew Stelmach

41                    Dan Heckel

40                    Sister Elaine Burke

39                    Sister Amelia Stenger

39                    Marian Bennett

39                    April Ray

37                    Sister Jane Miriam

37                    Katie Risley

37                    Lisa Harmon

36                    Jennifer Kaminski

33                    Kim Gunterman