Mount Saint Joseph NCAA Tournament Pool

As we head into the weekend to determine the Final Four, its last year’s runner-up Trista Boyle and Cyndy Madi who are in the best shape to claim the Mount Saint Joseph NCAA tournament title.

They and Bryan Dant are tied for the lead with 65 points beginning Saturday. Both Trista and Cyndy have three of their Final Four teams intact, and also their championship game, with Trista picking Louisville to win, and Cyndy the Florida Gators. This is likely Bryan’s last few days on top as he has only one Final Four team left, his champion, Louisville. Orville Bray is also close by in second, and has three of his Final Four teams left, but he has Indiana in the championship game, which will hurt him. Sherry Newton is close, but she is likely done, both teams she had in the championship are out, Indiana and Gonzaga.

The next update will be April 1, when the picture will be clear on who has a chance to win. Here are the standings beginning Saturday, March 30.

Points              Name

65                    Cyndy Madi

65                    Trista Boyle

65                    Bryan Dant

63                    Orville Bray

61                    Sherry Newton

61                    Andrew Stelmach

59                    Marian Bennett

58                    Mike Stelmach

55                    Kelly Tipton

54                    Sister Mary McDermott

53                    Dan Heckel

52                    Jennifer Kaminski

52                    Mark Blandford

51                    April Ray

51                    Amber Jones

51                    Sister Amelia

49                    Katie Risley

49                    Sister Jane Miriam

49                    Lisa Harmon

48                    Sister Elaine

45                    Kim Gunterman