Sisters, Religious and Biological

Religious vocations come to men and women in a variety of ways, such as through the examples of priests or sisters in our lives whether they are our pastor or teacher. Sometimes these examples come from our own families. Regardless of how the inspiration came, it is always from the Holy Spirit. In the gift of religious vocations, God did not put a “One per family” limit on who was called to give their life to him and his people. Below is a list of biological sisters who became Ursuline Sisters of Mount St. Joseph. Stay tuned for the next installment of the biological sisters from Belleville and Paola!

The Abell Sisters: Ann Vincentia, Mary Lawrence, and Mary Otho with family.

Sr. Mary Lawrence Abell
Sr. Mary Otho Abell
Sr. Ann Vincentia AbellSr. Francis Marie Abell
Sr. Mary Damien Abell

Sr. Margaret Joseph Aull
Sr. Naomi Aull

Sr. Mildred Barr
Sr. Mary Beata Barr

Sr. Mary Concepta Beavin
Sr. Mary Anselm Beavin

Sr. James Alma Bickett
Sr. Blanche Rita Bickett
Sr. Agnes Irene Bickett

Sr. Thomas Mary Blandford
Sr. Marty Blandford

Sr. Mary Lucille Blincoe
Sr. Mary Richarda Blincoe

Sr. Mary Aloise Boone
Sr. Mary Regina Boone
Sr. Joseph Angela Boone

Sr. Eva Marie Boone
Sr. Leo Mary Boone

Sr. Mary Joan Brown
Sr. Mary Isadore Brown

Sr. Clarita Browning
Sr. Marie Goretti Browning

Sr. Marie Therese Brumlow
Sr. Mary Francis Brumlow
Sr. Michaeline Brumlow

Sr. Mary Robert Buckler
Sr. Maura Buckler

Sr. Mary Carmencita Carrico
Sr. Mary Corda Carrico


  1. Claire Whelan Yarber

    Sister Dorothy Ann and Sister Mary Emily were my aunts who grew up in Howardstown, KY.
    Still miss them – have so many questions I’d like to ask them.

  2. Sr. Carol Shively

    Sr. Agnes Leo and Sr. Joseph Volkswagen had another sister, Sr. Josepha Newton.


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