Mount Saint Joseph Picnic Through the Years

On Sunday, September 9, 2012, the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph hosted their 42nd annual picnic to support the retired sisters. To celebrate this event, below are photos of the picnic through the years. Clothing styles, prices, and booths may change over the years, but the fellowship and food remain always the same.

Sr. Victoria Brohm works a booth at one of the first picnics.

In 1975, Sr. Praxedes Spalding helps people find their way.








Joe Riney, Malcolm Coomes, and Srs. Gertrude Pike and Stanislaus Hagan are there to greet folks for the 10th annual picnic in 1980.

Rain may be in the forecast, as it was in 1984, but it will not stop the sisters and volunteers from hosting a good time.

Sr. Elaine Byrne hands out classic Cokes in 1985.



In 1986 Sr. Amelia Stenger works a booth with crafts from Chile.








Srs. Catherine Marie Lauterwasser, Jude Cecil (back to camera), Annalita Lancaster, and Rose Marita O’Bryan, share a laugh together. This is from 1997.


Much work goes into preparing for the picnic. Here, sisters and associates peel potatoes in anticipation of the 1999 picnic.







Sr. Vickie Cravens, Debbie Plummer, Bishop John McRaith, and Sr. Marie Michael Hayden enjoy their time together in 2001.




  1. Karen Heilers

    How nice of you to post these pictures! I recall one year when it stopped raining at the start of the picnic and then poured right at the end. Can’t remember what year that was, but you couldn’t have prayed for any better weather than what God gifted you with this year!!!! Am glad to hear the picnic was a huge success.

  2. Robin Tomes

    Very cool seeing all the old pictures! I noticed the dinner stand was $3.50 in 1975. It was $12.00 this time but well worth it!! Great Post!

  3. Rose McDaniel Aquino A59

    In the 1984 rain picture, my Mom is standing on the far left, front row, Mary Imogene Knott McDaniel A37

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