El Camino de la Cruz . . . the Way of the Cross in Chile

On Good Friday in Chile, the Way of the Cross is a solemn ritual that often involves an entire community. This happened last year on March 25, when the parishioners of the church of St. John of God followed a dramatization of the Stations through the streets of Chillán. St. John is the head church that includes two other mission churches, including the Chapel of the Divine Teacher, the place of worship for Casa Ursulina. March 25 is early fall in Chile, so weather can be, and was this day, quite warm. With temperatures in the 90s, many people walked through the streets for more than two hours, praying and singing. Those who could not walk followed in cars. Residents of the area stood reverently on the sidewalk. The pictures above will help to bring to life this beautiful testimony of faith.


  1. Sr. Betsy Moyer

    Wonderful way to celebrate Holy Week! I remember doing live stations in New Mexico. I was a memorable experience…

    Thanks for sharing!

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