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Belleville and Paola Biological Sisters

As promised, here are the lists of the Belleville and Paola biological sisters. Enjoy!

Sisters Mary Patrick and Frances McDonagh. They were a part of the merger of the Belleville and Mount St. Joseph Ursulines in 2005.

Sisters Thaddea and Veronica Heuckmann












Belleville Sisters

Sr. Mary Thaddea Heuckmann
Sr. Mary Veronica Heuckmann

Sr. Frances McDonagh
Sr. Mary Patrick McDonagh


Paola Sisters

Sisters Genevieve, Mildred, and Imelda Katzer

Sr. Helen Fitzpatrick
Sr. Leona Fitzpatrick

Sr. Benedict Heintzman
Sr. Lawrence Heintzman

Sr. Genevieve Katzer
Sr. Imelda Katzer
Sr. Mildred Katzer

Sr. Henrietta Kocher
Sr. Hildegarde Kocher

Sisters Louise and Colette Rennier

Sr. Augustine Lickteig
Sr. Clotilda Lickteig
Sr. Evangelista Lickteig

Sr. Florence Lickteig
Sr. Irene Lickteig

Sr. Juliana Mick
Sr. Philomena Mick

Sr. Marianne Miller
Sr. Victoria Miller

Sisters Mary Margaret and Christina Wolken

Sr. Colette Rennier
Sr. Louise Rennier

Sr. Dorothy Sterbenz
Sr. Lucille Sterbenz

Sr. Carmelita Stoerman
Sr. Veronica Stoerman

Sr. Aurelia Sullivan
Sr. Frances Sullivan

Sr. Christina Wolken
Sr. Mary Margaret Wolken







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