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At this Ball Prince Charming Leaves By Midnight

Academy students dressed for the 1949 May Day honoring the Blessed Virgin.

Springtime means many things. Planting season, Easter, graduations, First Communions, and proms with guaranteed modest attire. The Mount Saint Joseph Community Annals for April 25, 1949 has the following to say. “[Academy] Faculty members and 21 [Sodality] Officers viewed students’ formals to approve or disapprove necks and sleeves.”

Which dresses were approved or disapproved is not recorded, but the Academy’s newspaper The Mount gives a glowing report of the prom festivities.

Cinderella Attends a Ball1949 Joan Sherran Juliette Rossie Jeanie Beavin
June 1949

At midnight when the clock was striking twelve, a figure left the hall, followed by another, and another, and another–yes, Cinderella–in reverse. The occasion was the formal dance held annually by the MSJ collegians just before the end of school–this year on Saturday, May 21, and the girls’ Fairy Godmother (the dean) had decreed that all the Prince Charmings must be gone by 12:00, or all the splendor would surely be ashes in the morning. Beginning at 7:30 that evening the Social Hall in St. Angela’s began to acquire a bit of color–formals, you know–and a little music, and a number of young people in normal good spirits, which when mixed together matched any ball the prince himself might have given–so say the girls, anyway. Refreshments? Why, naturally, cake and ice cream and soft drinks–don’t you know the way to a man’s heart?

1946 Farm TruckEach little Cinderella, having made sure that Godmother’s wishes were carried out to the last man, went wearily to bed with the cleaning-up prospects of the next morning happily obscured with the anticipation of another party the next afternoon. Mrs. Bresler, an active member of the Mount’s Alumnae, had kindly invited all of them in to her home in Owensboro for a tea party Sunday afternoon. So Cinderella went out again and came away all smiles for a very pleasant week-end.


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