A Picture Collage

Whenever I work on this or that reference request, I come across photos that I like. They have no relevance to my project, but I make scans of them to use at some point. So, here is “some point.” I humbly present to you a collage of photos that I like. Today we’ll stick with late 19th-early 20th century photos.

The Academy building in the late 19th century. Look closely and you will see the sisters on the steps. Note that the north wing has not yet been added.


Mother Agnes O’Flynn with students in the early 20th century. I especially enjoy the ladies in the windows.









Tillie Greenwell attended the Academy and then entered the community under the name Sister Mary Cleophas. Here she is on the left with an unidentified friend.






A photo of Louise Shaughnessy before she entered the Paola Ursuline Sisters community and became Sister Jerome.










Mother Augustine Bloemer with her parents Bernard and Katrina. Mr. and Mrs. Bloemer donated a substantial amount of land and financial resources to the Ursuline Sisters.







  1. Gerelyn Hollingsworth

    Thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. The one of Sr. Jerome Shaughnessy is very interesting. (For anyone unfamiliar with “the heart, soul, and inspiration of Ursuline Academy and Paola Junior College,” there’s a lot of information about her in Mother Charles McGrath’s book, “Yes Heard Round the World” and in Roberta Allen’s book, “A Walk Through Time: Remembering the Ursuline Sisters of Paola, Kansas.”

  2. Rachel Frazier

    Thank you for posting these scans of such great photos. I love the photo of Louise Shaughnessy before she became Sister Jerome, very unique at a time when people often struck much more serious poses.

  3. S. Catherine Marie

    Love the pix. M. Aloysius is the tallest one of the six black veils. The other two have no identifying garb. If you look closely you can see the statue of St. Joseph and Child in the niche above what is now the Museum west door.

  4. S. Catherine Marie

    Sorry, I am always calling M. Aloysius and M. Augustine incorrecly. That is Mother Augustine Bloemer in the middle of the Sisters. SCM

  5. Carolyn Sue Cecil

    LOVED seeing these pictures! Tillie Greenwell was my Grandmother Wathen’s cousin – -and taught me in 3rd and 4th grade at St. Alphonus (1963-65) — and we visited with her when we visited with our other Ursuline relatives. I never knew until I saw this that she had attended the Mount!

    I’m curious to know where that arch and gate were.
    Thanks for all your hard work with the Archives!!
    Carolyn Sue A’73

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