Three Kings Project aims to bring hope to tornado victims

As families continue to rebuild their lives following the devastating tornadoes of Dec. 10, 2021, the Ursuline Sisters and Associates are adapting a project begun by the Knights of Columbus to offer prayers and emotional support.

During Christmastide (Dec. 25 to Jan. 6), the Knights of Columbus chapter in Louisville began the “Three Kings Project.” It sought to emulate the three Magi from the east who brought gifts to the Holy Family. Mary, Joseph and Jesus were in a temporary shelter. They were joyful, but surely concerned for their future. The wise men brought them the gift of hope and encouragement.

Surely each of us has the ability to lift someone’s spirits this winter.

The Three Kings Project asks people to:

  • Write a note, a card or share a children’s drawing to inspire hope and joy.
  • Make three of these cards, and address them as either “Dear Brother or Sister,” “Dear Family,” “Dear Friend,” or some other salutation.
  • On the outside of the envelope, write “Three Kings Project.”

Initially these cards were sent to the Knights of Columbus. The Paducah, Ky., chapter forwarded about 30 of these cards to Ursuline Sister Martha Keller, who has been heading relief efforts through her ministry at St. Jerome Catholic Church in Fancy Farm, near Mayfield, which received the most severe damage. St. Jerome ceased being a distribution center on Jan. 3, but Sister Martha and the staff continue to respond to the needs of parishioners affected by the storms.

Sister Martha has been handing out the cards to storm victims who she sees in need of a lift. She believes these needs will go on much longer than the Christmas season. She is asking for your support in continuing this service to those in need.

These cards should not include gift cards, snacks or small gifts. Just simple thoughts and prayers, letting the people who have lost so much know that they are remembered and are receiving prayers.

Once you’ve made three cards, place them in a larger envelope and mail them to:

St. Jerome Catholic Church
C/o Sister Martha Keller
P.O. Box 38
Fancy Farm, KY 42039

Whether you sign the cards or provide a return address is up to each individual. It is not essential, but it could lead to developing an ongoing relationship, Sister Martha said.

Please consider participating in the Three Kings Project immediately. We will likely continue distributing cards until Easter, but the sooner your positive thoughts can be shared, the more hope you can bring to these people who are living day to day.


  1. Sr. Beverly Anne LoGrasso

    Wonderful! We are on Covid lockdown. I cannot wait to do this! Thank you for asking! This gives me a sense of purpose and connection.

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