Sister Teresa Riley’s Corneal Transplant Story

Riley, S Theresa webUrsuline Sister of Mount Saint Joseph Teresa Riley received corneal transplants after years of bad vision through an organization called Saving Sight. Saving Sight is a nonprofit organization which operates vision health programs and aims to be “a model for how eye banking and charitable vision services can most effectively serve people and communities.”

The Saving Sight website features an article on Sister Teresa’s successful surgery. Click here to see the story on Sister Teresa Riley.


  1. ruth.gehres

    What a wonderful story . . . Teresa and so many others are blessed by it!

    Teresa, I am so happy for you. Blessings on you and your ministry.

    With love, Ruth

  2. C.J. Olinger

    I’m SO thrilled for the success of Teresa’s surgery and I KNOW she’s doing wonderful ministry in the Benton area! Congratulations, Teresa, for your courage in undergoing surgery and for sharing your story!

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