Sister Margaret Ann Aull, OSU – “..she’s the kind of person you like to be around.”

Sister Margaret Ann with Donna Clery (left), Third Grade religious education teacher, and Kim Loeffler, Second Grade teacher.

After serving four years on the Leadership Team, she was named pastoral associate at Holy Name. “Sister Margaret Ann’s real strength here at Holy Name -– or anywhere because I worked with her at St. Stephen and at Catholic High -– is her ability to surround herself with really good people,” says Father Bradley. “She never has a problem getting volunteers to teach religious education or to work on the RCIA team or to help with her ministries because they are attracted to her like a magnet. She just draws good people to herself.”

Father Bradley isn’t the only one with words of praise for Sister Margaret Ann. Donna Clery is a third grade religious education teacher. She says, “Sister Margaret Ann is a very positive person that just kind of rubs off on you. She’s the kind of person you just like to be around. She’s very persuasive in letting you know that you can do the job she asks you to do. She is just a wonderful lady. I’ve never met anyone like her.”

Sister Margaret Ann poses with Kim Loeffler's Second Grade class, which is also this year's first communion class.

Rose Wheeler is a religious education catechist for adults. She says Sister Margaret Ann has been a large influence in her personal achievement. “She has encouraged and, at times, made it possible for me to continue my educational desires. She has offered me opportunities to grow spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically, all the while being present to smooth rough edges, alleviate doubts and offer advice.”

Kim Loeffler is a second grade religious ed class teacher and is in charge of this year’s First Communion class. She points out, “There were two things I always said I would never do – I would never lector, and I would never teach a sacramental class. All of a sudden – before I knew it – Sister Margaret Ann had me doing both. That’s just the way she is. She has a way of getting people to want to get involved.”

Sister Margaret Ann also works closely with Holy Name youth director Charlie Hardesty.

Church secretary Kaye Villanies and receptionist Jan Hayes work with Sister Margaret Ann on a daily basis. Says Hayes, “We love her to death. Personally, I can always depend on her. She answers all my questions. She always helps us make the right decisions. You fall in love with her the first time you meet her. Everyone has the deepest respect for her.”

Villanies says, “She always makes time for whatever our needs, professional or personal. I’ve gone to her with both. She makes it so easy for a grieving family in her ministry dealing with grieving families. She made it so easy for my family when I lost my brother.”

There’s a mutual admiration society at Holy Name. Sister Margaret Ann has nothing but kind words for the people she works with each day. She says, “The ladies in the office…it just amazes me how they witness their faith every day with the people that come down for the outreach program, or the people that come down and want other things. Their kindness to them and their outreach to them is just amazing.”

Sister Margaret Ann's many ministries include meeting with grieving families at the funeral home when they have lost a loved one.

Out of teaching for 20 years, Sister Margaret Ann still has many fond classroom memories. “I loved being a part of those teenagers’ lives,” she said as she looked back at her eight-year tenure at Catholic High. “Many times I was the one they came to. I felt like I was a part of their faith life. Yes, it’s a special bond there. And I’ve stayed in touch with several of those students over the years.”

Since Sister Margaret Ann’s journey through life pulled up for a stop at Henderson Holy Name six years ago, it has proven to be a solid union among everyone involved. From office workers to volunteers, from Father Bradley to religious ed catechists, everyone agrees Sister Margaret Ann has been special to Holy Name. And Sister Margaret Ann feels Holy Name has been special to her.

“I do love everything that I’m doing,” she says. “RCIA is a special thing for me. Taking communion to the sick is a special moment for me, sometimes you’re the only one that those people see, the only one they get to talk to. Meeting at the funeral home with those who have lost loved ones is also a special ministry for me.”

“It’s just a lot about this type of work that helps your faith life grow too.”