Sister Grace Simpson: ” I have learned more from the poor than from any other people.”

Sister Grace has noticed some positive changes. “People are much more aware of finishing their high school education and then continuing on,” she says. “The parents today want their children to go to college. Not all of them, but some of them. When I first started working here, the parents in those days were happy if their children finished high school. So in the 23 years I’ve been here, I’ve seen the gradual realization that the goals are higher and they want more for their children.”

Catrina, 2, left, and Jalynn, 2, help their mother, aunt and grandma pick out clothing.

Any retirement plans in Sister Grace’s immediate future? “I have no plans to retire,” she quickly answers. “I will work at Sister Visitor because it’s what gets me up in the morning – that’s how important it is to me. I will work here until my health dictates otherwise.”

She continues, “There is nothing like working with the poor to learn perseverance, grit, kindness, faith and hope. They are some wonderful people. In my years here – for the most part – people are just people. They are just like us in ways except for the low education, low opportunities and low financial areas. Some are thrifty, some are not. Some cheat, some don’t. Some will try to con you, some won’t. It’s true at any level you work with. So I find working here to be very life-meaning to me, very.”

Sister Grace assists a client and two of her daughters.

Any regrets? “No, just thanksgivings, no regrets,” she says.

One of Sister Grace’s favorite quotes is taped to the top of her computer monitor. From Proverbs 14:31, it reads: Kindness shown to the poor is an act of worship.

She says, “That’s my philosophy!”

Sister Visitor receptionist Sister Margaret Marie Greenwell has worked with Sister Grace for 14 years. She says of her co-worker and Ursuline sister, “Sister Grace’s compassionate spirit and heart for the poor is a beautiful inspiration to all. She is truly Angela in Action.”