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Reflective Moments April 2020

Thomas Merton tells us overwork and constant activity is a violence we modern folk do to ourselves. I recalled this as I was thinking about the Coronavirus and what it is doing to us. I believe it is instilling fear into many of us. Is that what we want it to do? No. Maybe we could look at it as an invitation to prayer, to trust God and believe that God will care for us.

I don’t mean to sound naïve. Should we follow the guidelines we have been given? Absolutely. Instead of overwork and constant activity I believe we should go with Saint Angela to the feet of Jesus and find our refuge.

We need to follow all the instructions we have been given; however, let’s be careful not to let fear paralyze us. Pope Francis’ vision is a “merciful, welcoming, ‘ridiculously pardoning’ Church.”

God doesn’t ever turn God’s gaze away from anyone. God is not going to abandon us during this pandemic.


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