Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Sister Amelia Stenger teaches school children from Sts. Peter and Paul, Hopkinsville about Our Lady of Prompt Succor.

Special to the devotions of Ursuline Sisters is the devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title “Our Lady of Prompt Succor,” whose feast day is January 8. A shrine was dedicated to her in 1810 by the Ursuline Sisters in New Orleans in gratitude for her protection during difficult times. A shrine to Our Lady of Prompt Succor was dedicated on the Mount Saint Joseph Property on October 21, 1927, feast of St. Ursula, through a gift of the Academy class of 1928. Below are some photos of the shrine through the years and also an article written for The Mount in November 1927. Located on All Saints Avenue, the shrine is a favorite stop during walks to the cemetery and around the campus.

Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Hasten to Help Us!

Litany of Our Lady of Prompt Succor

Dedication of Our Lady of Prompt Succor in 1927.

Procession on the way to the dedication of the shrine.









Novices garden around the shrine in this undated photo.

Ursuline sisters pray at the shrine in 1983.

The Mount article on the dedication of the shrine. Click for a larger image.