How to Make a Coffee Pot Cover as Shown by Sister Emerentia Wiesner

Sister Emerentia Wiesner has been sewing since she was a little girl. Her mother sewed and she wanted to sew with her, so her mother let her baste and her mother would sew. Sister Emerentia said it was a while before her mother let her use the sewing machine.

Once she was allowed to use the sewing machine though, she became a sewing wizard. When she entered the convent, she said they were all expected to sew their own habits. However, some of the sisters didn’t know how to sew so she would sew theirs too. During her ministry she would teach in the day and sew at night.

These days, Sister Emerentia makes everything from potato bags to baby books.




Sisters come to her to ask her to make them different items. Today, she showed me how to make a coffee pot cover:

Step 1: Get your measurements. But be sure to leave extra room for the hems on the side.



Step 2: Cut your fabric. For this she used one long piece and two short pieces to be attached later.



Step 3: Once you’ve got your fabric cut, sew in your hem. You don’t need too much for the hem.


Step 5: Pin where you want to sew on the two smaller pieces.


Step 4: Sew on the two other pieces of fabric.




Your coffee pot cover is complete!




  1. Brenda Semar

    Sister Emerentia you do beautiful work. Always look forward every year to see what you have made for the picnic. See you soon

  2. JoAnne Platt

    Sr. Emerentia prepared me to receive First Communion with my first grade friends in Garnett, Kansas, at Holy Angels School. Included in that class was my good friend, Amelia (Mitzi) Foltz, who later married Sister Emerentia’s brother, John. I turned 72 this month, so surely that must have been her first year as a sister/teacher. She was so kind and sweet and I treasure that memory. So wonderful to see that she is so happy and so well and doing her work that resonates her love.

  3. Carolyn Katzer Pruegert

    So good to see you Sister Emerentia. What beautiful items you are creating. My mother(Rita Gretencord Katzer) visited you several times at the Ursuline Academy in Paola. You were my favorite teacher. You taught me in 2nd grade! God Bless you !!!!!

  4. Michelle Hermreck

    Hello Sister! You look fabulous in these pictures. I hope you are doing well and feeling as good as you look. It was great to “see” you again. Post another sewing session soon.
    Love you.

  5. Fran DeJarnett

    Hello Sister – It is wonderful to see you looking so very happy and making so many pretty things for the picnic!! I know you really love doing all those sewing projects!
    Hugs and much love to you all the way from Texas!!
    Your baby sister – Frankie DeJarnett

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