Do Little Things With Perfection

In the last several years of her life, Mother Aloysius Willett wrote a New Year’s letter to the sisters at Maple Mount, encouraging them to love and follow the Lord ever more closely. As we close the year 2013, here is the letter written by Mother Aloysius in December 1916

My Dear Sisters,

While the joys we gather at the Manger of Him Who teaches us the great lessons of self-denial are still in our hearts, time, that never ceases its toil in beating off the hours and days and years of our earthly career, tells us the New Year is here. And the New Year’s coming reminds us to pause and think. Are we nearer Heaven than we were a year ago? I hope we are and that we are a year stronger in virtue practiced and merits acquired for our eternal crown by leading a meritorious life. And then we think, how can we grow faster in virtue and please our Heavenly Spouse?

Mother Aloysius Willett

Let us take but one resolution, my dear Sisters, and that one to do the little ordinary things of life with perfection – to keep our hours of silence perfectly, say our prayers promptly, get the little permissions demanded by our Holy Rule, live under perfect obedience, give up our self-will and cultivate sweet charity, gentleness, kindness. These virtues will make us happy and scatter happiness around us, they will be daily augmenting our merit for eternity, and should we fold our hands in eternal rest during the New Year 1917, we will enjoy a rich reward, and should our dear Spouse decree that we labor on, we will feel happy, always in peace. After all, what are the cravings of our poor heart worth, if we do not the Will of our Heavenly Father, expressed to us by our Superiors and faithfully performed by the obedience religious, for the “Obedient man shall speak of victories.”

May these virtues be realized in your souls, my dear Sisters, this New Year and may the sweet Babe of Bethlehem bless you in all you do and aspire to!

Lovingly, Mother M. Aloysius