¡Celebramos! It’s Independence Day at Casa Ursulina

sandra aguayo, sandra palma, patricia aliva, ide quilodran, alicia rosales, maria quintana, jacqueline lagos

These energetic volunteers spend hours preparing filling for hundreds of empanadas — those sumptuous meat pies that Chileans can’t get enough of. From left are Sandra Aguayo, Sandra Palma, Patricia, Ide, Alicia, Maria, and Jacqueline.

At the end of the cold, wet winter, Chileans are eager to get out and have fun. The yearly festivities marking Independence Day come right on time — on the 18th of September, at the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere.

Flags start flying early in the month, along with an outburst of fiestas with bright decorations, folk music and dancing, and all the fantastic cooking that Chile is famous for.

Everyone in our neighborhood knows about Casa Ursulina’s annual peña — a long-into-the-night fiesta that brings together our women and their families, along with friends and neighbors. It’s our biggest fundraiser. Sister Mimi Ballard and a corps of volunteers — mostly Casa Ursulina women — work weeks ahead to get it all together. And then they kick back and enjoy it.

Luisa Espinosa, a long-time member of the Casa Ursulina community, sent us these bright photos of this year’s celebration. Gracias, Luisa!




  1. S.Rosemary Keough

    How wonderful to see these happy photos of Chilean Associates and friends! Brings tears to my eyes as I remember my precious time in Chile and Bolivia!

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