Bound for All Eternity

I marvel and am amazed that Angela Merici’s words, “be bound one to another” continues to touch and inspire me. When I have an opportunity, like I did today as some of us gathered for the funeral of Billie, Sister Vivian’s mother, I had a definite experience of the words of Angela being lived out. I was so aware of the bond and the confirmation of who I am called to be as we sang together the “Magnificat”. I felt the bond that is intangible yet truly unites us as daughters of Angela. Following the liturgy of Christian burial, some of Sister Vivian’s family came up and expressed their gratitude for the hymn of praise. I believe their words were, ” Such angelic voices, I could listen to that song all day!” I thought to myself and oh how I wish I could take that graced moment as we lifted our voices together in prayer and cherish it for eternity. Yet, perhaps that is exactly what we as Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph do. Do we not take the relationships we have in community and savor them even beyond this earthly life into eternal life? There we will shine like stars among all the saints, in communion with Angela, with God-our Creator, and all our loved ones. We will be bound together in eternity. This brings me such peace and comfort! We have so much to look forward to and celebrate! Eternal peace is my prayer for you Billie –as you rest now forever in the arms of your God, the Lover of us all.


  1. Sister Martha Keller, osu

    Yes, you were very much present—and I commented to M. Seaton that I know you would have loved to have been there supporting Vivian, but you are right —you were there in spirit!

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