What is this Easter calling forth from you?

It is interesting that no where in Scripture do we have a description of what happened to Jesus at the moment of resurrection.  Rather the Easter readings focus on the implications of the resurrection in the lives of Jesus’ followers.   That means that there must also be implications of the resurrection of  Jesus in your and my life.  I know the story of Easter well and yet grasping the fullness of its meaning in my response is not as familiar.  I often continue to live with dashed hopes and pass by unnoticed signs of new life and growth.  This Easter is calling me back  to the reality that the tomb is empty.  Jesus has risen!   I must refrain from the gloom of death and destruction and live out the fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness in my daily walk.  I am called to affirm these same fruits in others. When I am able to do this, I witness the Risen Lord fully in my midst. It is a glorious Easter moment!   Easter is a time to value life and for shouting Alleluia.   I would love to hear what Easter is calling forth from you.


  1. Glenn Gennaro

    I would like to publish your Easter message on our school webpagewith the appropriate credit to the author.
    May I have this permission?

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