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What gives you HOPE

There is a line in the Talmud that says “We see things not as they are, but as we are.” If this is true, our view of reality at any given moment is colored by many factors. The dominant view among many in our nation, church, and community is that disillusionment is very acute.

Now I am not one to expound on what is wrong with our nation, our Church or our religious community, but I am one who continues to hope. I am inspired by people who continue to seek employment even when jobs are seemingly unavailable. I am touched by families who make sacrifices so that their children might have quality education. I am edified by elderly who get out daily to receive Eucharist despite all the physical aches and heartaches they carry on their heart. I am humbled by a friend who remains passionate about her ministry and love for the Church while running back and forth to the doctor. What give me hope? St. Josephine Bakhita, who survived a horrible life as a slave said it so eloquently. ” I am definitely loved and whatever happens to me–I am awaited by this Love.”

Look for reasons to hope. Hope keeps me going day by day. What gives you hope? I would love to hear your experiences of hope that you encounter on a daily basis. Please consider sharing them with me. I also invite you to join me in striving to be a bearer of hope in our hurting, dark and expectant world. Let’s illuminate wherever we are and as we are with hope!


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