waiting continues….

I am constantly amazed at how often during this season of waiting that God provides opportunities for us to do just that– wait in hope! I am in the process of participating in a webinar entitled, Contemplating the Gift of Vowed Life in the 21st century, and I have registered and signed in. The voice repeats over and over, “The webinar will begin shortly, please remain on the line.” Even though I know this communication is necessary, to listen to it over and over, gets on my nerves. I am reminded to be patient. The webinar will begin soon. Just like the message of Advent, be patient, the Savior is coming, has come, and will come again, please remain on the line of discovering what our Savior will reveal. I laugh at the humor of it all. But it also reminds me that patience is a virtue and gift of the Holy Spirit that I need to grow in. Come Lord Jesus, I promise to remain on the line and stay connected. Let us hold each other in prayer during this prayerful hopeful season of Advent.


  1. Elaine Williams

    Sr. Martha, I really enjoyed reading your web page! It was both enlightening and a step back in time when my grandmother would have my sisters and I to recite the rosary. We lived with her and granddaddy because mother was remarried and lived some where else and then was killed in a tragic traffic accident right before my freshmen year of school.
    Martha, I think that you and I would have graduated in 1966 from OCHS? Is my memory correct? I think I remember a Martha Keller in my Freshmen class.
    I am a retired middle school teacher, with four children, fifteen grandchildren, one great-grandchild and soon one step great-grandchild. My husband and I of fifty years have a wonderful family that all live close by us.
    Maybe someday we can meet, possibly, when I pick up Sr. Emma Cecilia for our monthly get-to-gather.
    Hope to hear more of your blog…

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