To (p)each her own: Sisters prepare juicy treats for months to come

Reid’s Orchard donated many boxes of locally grown peaches to the Ursuline Sisters, and on Aug. 5, 2021, Sisters and supporters helped peel and slice those juicy, delicious gifts. The kitchen staff will freeze the sliced peaches for use throughout the winter. Here are some photos.


  1. Angela Goetz Wink

    What a team effort going on here. I will get to enjoy a bit of the results this sunday when the family will gather for Ray’s Mass, with a veritable banquet to follow. we will be together for the first time since our mom, Mary Blandford Goetz, passed away in 2015. Only one is now missing from our group but he will be present from such a better place. And having been at Ray’s last night for a get together, we saw photos of the buckets of peach peelings and stones he took out to scatter in a field for the living creatures who inhabit that field to enjoy. So good to see that nothing is wasted there, as usual. Even the birds and other wild life will enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    Incidentally, as much as much as I would have liked to help you with the freezing project , I do tend to pop as many slices in my mouth as I put in the bowl. God bless you all!

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