Time for a different journey

“Every choice is a renunciation. Thomas Aquinas said that and it helps explain why we struggle so painfully to make clear choices. We want the right things, but we want other things too.

Every choice is a series of renunciations: If I marry one person, I cannot marry anyone else; if I live in one place, I cannot live anywhere else; if I choose a certain career, that excludes many other careers; if I have this, then I cannot have that. The list could go on indefinitely. To choose one thing is to renounce others. That’s the nature of choice.

In most areas of our lives we do not feel this so painfully. We choose and there isn’t a lot of sting to the loss. But the area of love is more sensitive. Here we feel the sting of loss more strongly and here we often find it hard to accept the real limits of life. What are those limits? They are the limits that come with being an infinite spirit in a finite world.”

These words of Ron Rolheiser seem most appropriate for my last blog with “The Journey with Angela” as Director of Vocation Ministry for the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. It has been a marvelous experience walking with women who are seeking God’s plan. It has been a graced time to share as on this blog. But the time has come to continue down another path in my own personal and spiritual journey. While my choice to leave vocation ministry is a peaceful one, the choice will eliminate some of the greatest joys and honored experience of being the face of the community! The choice is truly a renunciation, but I hope and believe that what awaits me will be awesome and just as fulfilling.
My greatest blessing is to share community and life with this wonderful group of holy women of God. Pray for me, and know that each of you will be held close in my journeying into the MYSTERY that awaits and calls me.
Blessings as we each listen to our heart and are gathered into the heart of our loving God! Happy New Year!



  1. Pat Howell

    Good luck Martha…Know I’m always thinking about you and pray for you daily. Lots of love and blessings to you in your new job and 2015

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