The Annual Diocesan Jubilee for Women Religious

The annual Diocesan Jubilee for Women Religious was held Oct. 19, 2019, celebrating sisters in all communities who serve or live within the Diocese of Owensboro. All the sisters honored this year were Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph.

The celebration was held at St. Martin Catholic Church outside Owensboro and sponsored by the Steering Committee of the Council of Religious. The Serra Club provided lunch for all the guests. Sister Ruth was able to get a few pictures of the reception. Here are some photos from the day.


  1. Cecelia (C.J.)Olinger

    What a wonderful celebration of our Jubilees! I’m grateful to God for all His Blessings and very grateful to everyone who helped make this day so special!

  2. Brother Gabriel Monarch, O.H.

    How fondly I remember the Sisters at Sts. Joseph and Paul Parish…1949 through 1958…all of us Monarchs were taught by the good sisters…I especially remember Sister George Ann, Sister Mary Rose, Sister Rosita, Sister Agnes Catherine and Sister James Miriam…I always make it a point to visit the cemetery when in town…would love to see the cause open up for Father Volk…my great aunt was Sister Mary Florence Monarch…I have a first cousin Sister Jacinta Powers there at the Mount…my heart will always be a part of the Ursuline’s…Blessings be upon all of you as I remain your Brother in Christ…Brother Gabriel Monarch, O.H.

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