Storm Damage Summer 2013

In the early morning of Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013, straight line winds came through Mount Saint Joseph bringing down trees, booths and the barbecue pit for the picnic. However, through help from the maintenance crew and others at the Mount, the Ursuline Sisters are overcoming this setback and the 43rd Annual Mount Saint Joseph Barbecue Picnic will go on! So be sure to come out to the Mount this Sunday, Sept. 8th, 2013 and show your support at the picnic.

Below are pictures from the storm damage and the ongoing clean up.


  1. P Burns

    wow….not what you needed as I’m sure everyone is knee deep in other preparations for the big picnic day.

  2. John J. Otto

    Good luck with your picnic I’ll not be able to attend I’ll be at St.Bernards near Evansville we have our picnic that day also

  3. Berkemeier Family

    We had the same thing happen at our social we are from the Saint Wendel Church in Evansville IN and it happen to us last year. We all pitched in and got the booths back up and the sun screen back up. A mater of fact the Saint Wendel Social is held the same time as Mount Saint Joseph Barbecue Picnic. We always love to come up and get the burgoo it is the best ever and so is the barbecue. God bless the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph.

  4. Angela Goetz Wink

    Sure wish I could be there with the family members, but I’m counting on them to bring me some burgoo. It’s the best in the county, and since my baby bro, Ray is all banged up again, I don’t think he’ll be able to haul as much home as usual. A lot of my sibs will be home for the picnic though, so I will trust one of them to bring me a year’s supply. Kind of funny how Ray managed to have surgery on his shoulder just in time for that storm. I think he enjoyed the attention in the (blank mind) that you gave him when he crushed his knees too much.

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