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Sisters decorate Saint Joseph’s Table to celebrate feast day

The feast of Saint Joseph on March 19 is a significant day for the Ursuline Sisters, who literally have Saint Joseph in the name of their community. On March 19, 2024, for the second year, the Sisters in Saint Joseph Villa celebrated with Saint Joseph’s Table, creating a beautiful display of food and decorations.

This is the history of Saint Joseph’s Table: During a time of drought in medieval Sicily, food crops for both people and animals withered. The people prayed to Saint Joseph for help. When the rain came, there was much rejoicing. After the harvest, to show their gratitude, the people prepared a table with special foods to honor Saint Joseph and to celebrate and share with the poor.

The Sisters in the Villa decorated a Saint Joseph’s Table throughout the day on March 19, then gathered at 2:30 p.m. to share in the goodness and say a prayer to Saint Joseph. Here are some pictures from the day.



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