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Sister Cecelia Joseph shares a Christmas parade to remember

To help celebrate Advent 2023, the Ursuline Sisters were asked to recall a special Christmas gift they gave or received; a memory of their ministry during Christmas, such as planning an event with their students; or a favorite Christmas ornament they loved.

This feature is called “The Gift of Christmas.” Each week until Christmas, we will share the Sister’s remembrances on the Ursuline website and Facebook.

Our first memory is shared by Sister Cecelia Joseph “C.J.” Olinger.

“In 1971, my 8th-grade students at St. Romuald Elementary School in Hardinsburg, Ky., worked with me to enter a float titled ‘Christmas Around the World’ in the town’s Christmas Parade.

“Students brought in costumes and clothing they’d gotten from other countries. I don’t remember them all, but I know that we had kiddos representing Japan, Spain, and the state of Hawaii with an authentic grass skirt.          

“To me, the most memorable part of the float was the rotating 4-5 foot ‘globe’ in the center. Mark Hoskins, 7th-grade teacher, made the globe from chicken wire and crepe paper. Then he took apart his swivel chair and fastened the swiveling part to the base of the globe, which was then placed on top of a 55-gallon barrel.

“Inside the barrel was an 8th-grade boy who was small for his age. He was the ‘one-boy-power’ which rotated the globe!

“Even the tractor was driven by one of the 8th-grade students!

“Judges liked the theme and awarded us second place in the parade.”



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