Refreshing rain

It’s Wednesday and the earth is refreshed with the gift and blessing of gentle rain. I can’t help but recall my recent mission experience trip to Mandeville, Jamaica. I went May 26-June 1, 2010 with nine other parishioners, now referred to as Missionaries of Mandeville. We were blessed to be able to build a home for a young single mother named Marian and her two sons, 4 and 12. We made great accomplishments the first day by transforming a slab of concrete, the foundation for the home, which was all that was present when we arrived, into a pretty impressive looking home. With great anticipation yet not knowing the first thing about building a home, we jumped into the task. By the end of the day we had the walls standing, window blinds installed and were ready for day two to complete the roof and painting. We awoke to the gentle falling of rain and were so disappointed. We soon made an attitude adjustment when we realized that we were thinking of ourselves not the people of Mandeville, who welcomed the rain which was their only source of water. They collect it in barrels and then filter it for drinking, cooking, baths and other needs. That day our schedule was rearranged and we were able to build prefabricated walls enough for three homes. The group was delighted! This will be a lasting reminder that God knows our needs and will provide in God’s own time. So today I give thanks for the blessing of rain in my life and in the life of all God’s people—-in particular my extended family in Mandeville.