Reflective Moments with Angela September 2021

By Sister Marietta Wethington

As I was pondering about this reflection, a line from Psalm 95 kept going through my head: If today you hear God’s voice, harden not your heart. What is a hardened heart? Do I have one? Pope Francis tells us this passage reminds us of parental tenderness that tells sinners to come to God. We are all sinners. We all have a piece of hardness.

What causes this hardness? There are many things that could bring about hardness of heart. It could be a painful experience of childhood, rejection by a family member, a close friend or a co-worker.

How do we rid ourselves of the hardness? I believe it is a choice. Do I want to have a hardened heart, always keeping people at a distance? Or do I want to open my heart and welcome people into my life? You might ask yourself: What would Jesus do? What would Saint Angela do?

I don’t have to reflect long to know my answer. I invite you to reflect on this and to spend some time journaling about it.


  1. Margi Ling Johnstone

    I had the good fortune of having Sr. Marietta as my 2nd grade teacher at Immaculate grade school in Owensboro. I don’t remember anything specific she taught me. Rather I just have strong impressions of her vibrancy and her caring heart. I visited Mount St. Joseph this summer and, while seeking out a table, cafeteria lunch tray in hand, I found her sitting at a table next to the one I was heading to. I said “Hi” and re-introduced myself after 60+ years. She was lovely and polite but naturally caught off-guard as I reminded her of our past connection. As we (my cousins, Sr. Ann Patrice and Peggy Leibfried Cummins) ate and talked, I think Sr. Marietta may have overheard some tidbits of our conversation. (Admittedly, I’m a loud talker.) With a little time and those tidbits, I believe she was able to place me and Peggy (also a 2nd grader in her class of 1958-59). Now I read articles penned by her and continue to glean from her heart wisdom. Life is something, isn’t it?

  2. Jerry Birge

    Thank you, Sister, for the beautiful reflection. I have a little prayer book of daily prayers and reflections and your post fits in perfectly. Since I zoomed past 80 and find myself approaching 90 I find myself searching for prayers and reflections to help through these difficult years.

  3. Tina Weber Smith

    I truly missed seeing Sister Marietta Alumnae Weekend at the Mount. She is always so welcoming and has a beautiful smile. I hope to see her next year.

  4. Pamela Knudson

    I always look forward to your “Reflective Moments” for your sage advice. I love you Sister Marietta and St. Angela.

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