Reflective Moments May 2020

Someone, unknown to me, tells us the purpose of words is to teach, inspire and motivate.

Someone else, also unknown to me, gives us the word, THINK, to help us reflect on our words.

T – are they true?

H – are they helpful?

I – are they inspiring?

N – are they necessary?

K – are they kind?

So many times, though probably not enough, I recall those two adages before I speak.

How do my words teach, inspire, motivate?

Are they really true, helpful, necessary and kind?

Jesus is the spoken Word of God. I ask myself how my words reflect Jesus. Would Jesus approve of my words? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. I strive not to speak negative words, especially about another person. Do I always succeed? No.

I ask Saint Angela to take me to the feet of Jesus. If Jesus teaches me, I will be well taught.

By: Sister Marietta Wethington 




  1. Debbie Clouse Arnold

    Sister Marietta, I recall you so fondly from our second grade class at Immaculate. I shared this post with other classmates Bridgid Haragan, Marji Ling Johnstone, Mary Sheila Howard and Anne Lauzon. You are teaching us still. Pray for us and we pray for you.

  2. Pamela Knudson

    Thank you for these kind words, Sister Marietta, I will “THINK” before I speak.

  3. Anne Lauzon Swinford

    Sister Marietta – I was so fortunate to go to St. Angela Merici’s tomb with you – that was a fabulous trip – Bill especially enjoyed that time with you. It seems like it was so very long ago. I hope you are doing well – pray for us and we will pray for you as well.

  4. Susie Lauzon Imel

    I love your Reflection. I read it several times & I will “Ask myself how my words reflect Jesus.”
    Prayers & Blessings to you, Sister Marietta Wethington. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Brigid Haragan

    Thank you for this wise guidance—especially important in these trying times when we too often speak without thinking. Also thank you for teaching me in the second grade!

  6. Margi Ling Johnstone

    Dear Sister Marietta—I have copied these words and will try to live by these adages as you have. I am a retired school librarian, but I still visit schools and tell “stories for kindness-building.” One of my sessions is about the power of words. I will incorporate these reminders and acknowledge that it was my 2nd grade teacher who shared them with me. God bless you and stay well.

  7. Margi Ling Johnstone

    Hello, Sister Marietta — How great you look and how good to see you! I am inspired by the adages you shared and will try to live by them as you strive to do. I am a retired school librarian but I still visit school to tell stories for kindness-building. I have a session of the power of our words. I will incorporate these words of wisdom and advice, and acknowledge that it was my beloved 2nd grade teacher who shared them with me. Stay well. Margi Ling Johnstone

  8. Rebecca White

    This is very impactful. Thank you for writing challenging items while keeping yourself in the midst of them.

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