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Reflective Moments June 2020

The writer of Saint Matthew’s Gospel tells to love our enemies as well as our friends. It is easy to love my friends. My enemies? That’s more challenging.

Psalm 145 tells us that God is good to one and all. God makes no distinction.

As I look at what is happening in our country, I see violence and what appears to be lack of love.

Pope Francis calls for mercy. He tells us that all God’s children are equal in God’s sight.

Mr. Rogers (ordained Presbyterian minister Fred Rogers) tells us his mother taught him to look for helpers in any catastrophe. Perhaps that is the question we need to ask. Where are the helpers in the midst of all this violence?

We do see them. People giving food to nonviolent protesters. People carrying placards asking for peace. People praying for peace. I feel sure there are many others expressing kindness, tenderness and compassion, showing us how to love our enemies as well as our friends. God is good to one and all, making no distinction.  

By: Sister Marietta Wethington