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Reflective Moments January 2020

The god, Janus, has two faces, one looking forward and one looking backward. As I muse with that it seems an appropriate symbol for a new year. An invitation perhaps.

As I look back at the year just past, are there things I did that enriched me and others? Are there things I wish I had done differently? What are my regrets? What did I learn from them?

As I look forward, what do I want to carry with me into the new year? What doors would I like for Janus to open for me? I name some of them: Goodness, Kindness, Charity, Clarity of vision,

Thoughtfulness, Fewer judgments. I am sure there are others; however, if I can achieve those my heart will approach conversion.

This is what I pray for as I go with Saint Angela to the feet of Jesus.   

By: Sister Marietta Wethington, OSU


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