Quilts for Sale!

We have quite a few BEAUTIFUL quilts for sale! Click the image to see the price and size of the quilt. Shipping for large quilts is $20 and smaller ones is $15. If you would like to purchase one, send Maggie Matsko an email at [email protected] saying which quilt you would like to claim and she can tell you if it is still available.  You can purchase the quilt online by clicking here and in the designation for donation field, put the name of the quilt you are purchasing.

You can also check to the Finance Office  at 8001 Cummings Road Maple Mount, KY 42356. In the memo line of the check, please write the name quilt you are purchasing.


    1. Maggie Matsko

      Hi, Michelle. Yes, it is still available. You can pay for it online using our “donate” button on the homepage.

  1. Rita Beth Tobianski

    Hello Maggie,

    I am interested in the quilts called “Jewel” and “Happy Hearts”. Are they available? Thank you for time.
    Hope you have a blessed day.

    Rita T.

    1. Maggie Matsko

      Hi, Rita!

      Yes, they are both available. Let me know how you would like to proceed. Thanks!

    1. Maggie Matsko

      Hi, Rita! Your order processed last night and we will ship the quilts today! Thank you so much!

  2. Rita Beth Tobianski

    Hi Maggie,

    This is Rita T. If you have time could you email me at rngtobi @gmail.com. It would be greatly appreciated.
    May you have a grace filled day!
    Rita Tobianski

  3. Rita Beth Tobianski

    Hello Maggie

    Is the jolly jelly bean quilt available?
    Also is The Boston Baby available?
    Or is garden circle available?
    The Royal Rose?
    I am very interested in these quilts.
    Hi open to hear from you soon.

    Thank you for your time,
    Rita T.

  4. Rita Beth Tobianski

    Hi Maggie,

    Are the following quilts spoken for?
    *Jolly Jelly Bean?
    *Garden Circle?
    *Boston Baby?
    *Royol Rose?

    Thank you,
    Rita T.

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