Positive Sprouts learn about the farm, history at Maple Mount

A group of children in the “Positive Sprouts” program through the Cliff Hagan Boys and Girls Club visited Maple Mount on June 18, with Sister Amelia Stenger as their guide to the farm and the museum.

Ten children got to visit with the cows and pigs, and then Sister Amelia took them to the museum inside the Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center. There they looked at Native American artifacts and a mastodon bone.

“Positive Sprouts” is funded through a grant by the Public Life Foundation and in partnership with Cecil Farms to teach children about eating nutritious foods and living healthy lives. The older children grow produce in a community garden and participate in the Farmers’ Market, said Caitlin Clay, who leads the program and was at Maple Mount with the children.

Here are some photos from the day:


  1. rose brandenburg

    What an awesome program for the children! So many children do have a clue about where their food comes from. Wonderful work Sister Amelia! God bless you!

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