Pope Benedict’s message on discernment to Catholic youth

I was reading over some material and came upon Pope Benedict’s sharing on how he discerned his vocation and found it to be very interesting. I hope you find it interesting as well.

” I had to ask myself: Is this really the path I was meant to take? Is this really God’s will for me? Will I be able to remain faithful to him and completely at his service? A decision about embracing God’s will demands a certain struggle. It cannot be otherwise. But then came the certainty: This is the right thing! Yes, the Lord wants me, and God will give me strength. If I listen to God and walk with him, I become truly myself. What counts is not the fulfillment of my desires, but of God’s will. In this way life become authentic.”

Now, I can resonate totally with his statement of knowing and embracing God’s call in my own life. The struggle is disturbing but the peace and certainty that follows confirms that it is a genuine call.

I pray today for all youth and young adults who are struggling to know and embrace God’s will and call to authentic and fulfilling life. Give them your peace, Gracious and Loving God to know that your call will not lead them where the grace of God will not sustain you.