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Ponder the face of God

The good news of Christmas is that God has become one of us in a little innocent baby.  Everyone delights in the face of a baby.   I am the proud great aunt of an great nephew, Robert Scott, who was born on December 5.  His innocent, tiny features captured my attention and I was momentarily caught up in the miracle of life once again.  The many years of awaiting a child in my niece’s life awakened me to the treasure and miracle of giving birth to one’s own son.   As I witness the mother and father gaze so lovingly and proudly upon the miracle of their love for each other, I find myself pondering also the miracle of the face of God in the Christ Child.

The revelation of God comes to us in the face of an infant child.  The simple yet powerful source of peace, purity, and goodness.  This  awareness is also a recognition that in our human quest for God, God looks upon us with love.  In the face of God, in the look of God, being seen by God, we truly come to know peace.  On the upcoming celebration of Mary, Mother of God, how divine the vision of Mary holding the divine child in her arms.  May each of us always treasure the look of God in the face of those who love us and whom we love.  This is truly a mirror of God manifesting love and peace to our soul.  May you be graced as you ponder the birth of God into our world. Savor and ponder the face of God in numerous and sacred moments of this Christmas season.


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